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How I can help if you are in the early planning stages?

  • Weekly New Listings Emailed to you
  • Market Analysis Reports
  • Insight on Neighborhood Trends
  • ROI Home Project Assessment Guide
  • Connect your with Experience Local Lenders
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Rent vs Sell Analysis
  • Guides for Relocation, Downsizing and More
  • Agent Network for all 50 States
  • Personalized Discovery Meeting
  • Home Buyer Workshops
  • Estate Sale Contacts

How I can help if you are in looking to move in the near future?

  • Strategic Pricing Options
  • Option for All Cash Offer
  • Expert Level Negotiation Skills
  • Flexible Moving Time Plan
  • Professional Photography, Floor Plans and Staging
  • Proactive Problem Solving
  • Trusted Local Vender List
  • Upfront Cost Estimates
  • Assistance with Pre-Approval Process
  • Documentation Streamlining
  • Home Seller Concierge Program
  • Custom Listing Commission Plan

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