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How to Make Your Home a More Peaceful Environment

Kathleen Goneau
Mar 31 2 minutes read

How we feel is often reflected in other areas of our life, like what we choose to wear that day and oftentimes, what our space looks like. If your home is starting to feel like anything but a calming oasis away from the day-to-day stress, try incorporating some of these tips.

Add citrus to your table

A bright bowl of lemons, limes, or oranges is just the centerpiece your kitchen table needs. We’re spending more time in the kitchen these days, so why not brighten it up by putting things you already have on full display? Nothing says “my happy place” like a pop of yellow!

Start growing herbs

Growing your own basil, oregano, rosemary, and the like adds so much more flavor to your dishes and can give your home some much-needed freshness and greenery.

Add cozy elements

Sure, summer might be right around the corner, but sunnier days doesn’t mean your home can’t benefit from a blanket or two. Having cozy essentials lying around can make your space feel more warm and inviting, even if it’s just you living there.

Try aromatherapy

The benefits of aromatherapy range from promoting a sense of calm to helping you sleep better. Choose a scent that elicits peacefulness, like lavender, rosemary, or peppermint.

Set up a meditation space

Whether you’re a newbie to meditating or a seasoned meditator, having a space that’s designated for this moment of zen can make all the difference in making you feel at peace.

Add something you love

A new piece of artwork, a print, a brighter lampshade—there are endless things that can liven up the environment you’re in. Even if you just move things around or dust something off that was in a box in the attic, making your space feel new again can give you a happier feeling.

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